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Fundraising and social events

ButterflyWe rely on fundraising to help us update and replace our resources, and to pay for visits for the children during the year.  Thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of our volunteers, we have been able to buy a fantastic range of equipment including a workbench and tools, giant pegs and tarpaulins for den-making, science equipment and a big number caterpillar.  Fundraising has also made it possible for us to buy computers, an additional camera for staff to use for their observations of the children and a 'tuffcam' for the children to make their own digital movies.

BeeWe are always looking for volunteers to help us organise and run our fundraising and social events.  These include our Christmas toy sale, Easter Eggstravaganza and our annual Welly Wang!  If you would like to get involved, we'd love to hear from you.  Perhaps you could help with setting up for an event, making tea and coffee for one of our coffee mornings or baking a delicious homemade cake for one of our events.  Or maybe you’ve got some great ideas for events, and would love the opportunity to put them into practice!

One of the other ways that we can raise funds for our pre-school is through ‘matched giving’ schemes.  Do you work for a company that offers matched giving as a staff benefit? Lots of companies offer this, particularly financial service companies. It normally means that if the employee helps out at one of our fundraising events then their employer will double the funds that we raise. It can really make a big difference and maximises the fundraising potential of our events.  We would advise anyone to check out their employer’s matched giving terms and conditions because all the schemes are slightly different.  If you think you might be able to help, please let us know!

LadybirdWe also need volunteers to help us apply for grants for specific projects - if you’ve got some spare time and would like to help, please get in touch!

Please speak to any of our staff or committee members for ways that you can get involved, and don't forget that all the family are welcome to help with fundraising too!



Term Dates

2018 - 2019

Term 1: 3 Sept - 19 Oct

Term 2: 5 Nov - 21 Dec

Term 3: 7 Jan - 15 Feb

Term 4: 25 Feb - 5 Apr

Term 5: 23 Apr - 24 May

Term 6: 3 Jun - 19 Jul

Inset Days


Mon 5 Nov 2018

Mon 7 Jan 2019

Fri 3 May 2019

Fri 19 July 2019

One day TBC

Christ the King


Coming up...

Committee meeting Wed 26 September, please come along!

End of term Fri 19 October.